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What does Boxxes stand for?

What does Boxxes stand for?

Step out of the box and try a new sustainable construction method that will shape the future of construction

What are boxxes

Our Boxxes are innovative and sustainable prefabricated room systems for bathrooms as well as wellness and utility rooms created by using modular timber construction methods. This is what sets Boxxes apart from almost all market competitors. Our individually designed boxxes are manufactured with maximum precision at our manufacturing plant, unaffected by weather conditions and undergoing a continual quality control. As soon as they are finished, the fully equipped boxxes leave the plant and head towards the construction site, where they are professionally assembled and incorporated into the existing construction projects.

This is always done in the greatest possible sustainable way. This means: almost no emissions on the construction site, less truck traffic, reusability and the usage of 100% recyclable materials.

Boxxes System

Our aim is to replace conventional production methods with our Boxxes system through a wide range of innovations, regardless whether technological, environmental or process and service innovations.


Your freedom of design is not limited by our boxxes. On the contrary, in spite of the prefabricated modules, we allow you to design and customize each of your projects at our manufacturing plant. All our boxxes are customized in such a way so as to allow all your requested design specifications and to turn them into reality.

So who is the Boxxes intended for?

Due to our innovative modular timber construction method that has been developed in accordance with ecological principles, we act on the one hand as a supplier for serial projects in the construction industry, e.g. for property developers, residential building companies, architects and construction companies, and on the other hand as a partner for individual one-off projects of private individuals.

Why Boxxes?

Why Boxxes?

We are specialized in the impossible. With modularity in mind, we work efficiently.


Time saving

Substantial savings in time due to simplified and shortened planning and construction schedules

Piggy bank


Cost-effectiveness due to effective manufacturing and automation


Quality assurance

Flawlessly optimized products due to stringent quality assurance

To do list

Planning reliability

Guaranteed reliability in planning by excluding unspecified risk factors


Independent of weather conditions

Progress of construction regardless of weather conditions due to the off-site prefabrication at the manufacturing plant

Planet earth

Sustainable construction solutions

Sustainable construction solutions due to the state-of-the-art timber construction method and the reduction of transport costs for materials

House design

Simplified project execution

A more straightforward execution of projects since we are able to simplify complicated procedures as a general contractor whom partial services are assigned to


Industry know-how

Comprehensive industry know-how and many years of experience in more traditional construction methods


Cutting-edge products

Supply of cutting-edge products through collaboration with an innovative partner


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